About Us

4Dcell is a young innovative company founded in march 2017. The company aims to support reseachers and industrials in the development of their experiments. By promoting an easy access to up-to-date technology for the control of cell microenvironment, 4Dcell aims to become the reference of cell culturing.

Being part of the NBIC Valley scientific consortium enables the company to have a wide range of materials, know-how and ideas to fade the boundaries between biology, microfluidics, surface chemistry and mechanical designs.


Dr Ana Rita RIBEIRO 4DCell

Ana Rita RIBEIRO, Ph.D
External collaborator

PhD in physics, optical tools applied to cell biology

Lamia MOUBAKIR 4Dcell

Lamia MOUBAKIR, Eng.
Chemistry engineer

Engineer in Chemistry of materials (biotechnologies)

Micropatterning expert

Diana 4Dcell

Diana CARP
Management assistant

Accounting, Management, Administration.

Veronica 4Dcell

Veronica PAGANO
R&D, Bioengineering

Graduated from EPFL, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Cyril CERVEAU 4DCell

CEO, co-founder

MSc. in cell biology, more than 10 years of marketing and sales experience, led the development of 2 companies and carried out numerous marketing campaigns for major pharmaceutical companies.

Dr Maël LE BERRE 4Dcell

Chairman, co-founder

Engineer, Doctor in microfluidics, former researcher in biophysics, co-founder of 3 innovative companies.


Business Consultant

Ph.D in microfluidics, entrepreneur, founder of three innovative companies since 2011.

Dr Matthieu PIEL 4Dcell

Matthieu PIEL, Ph.D
Scientific Consultant

Polytechnique, Ph.D in biophysics, leads a renowned research team at Institut Curie since 2007. The Piel team has pioneered the use of microfabricated tools for cell biology.

The NBIC Valley

The NBIC Valley (Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, information technologies, cognitive sciences) is a consortium of 8 companies united in their belief in innovative technologies. Discover them.


Microfluidic flow control brand

  • flow controllers & sensors
  • pressure sensors, valves
  • Flurorescence & optical detection

Make PDMS chips without a clean room

  • Automatix plasma cleaner
  • Spin-coter
  • 1 click UV lamp
  • On-site training
Cherry Biotech

Heat & Cool down cells in seconds

Change the temperature of your cell with a single click during microscopy imaging


Reproduce the natural cell environment

  • 2D cell culture
  • 3D cell culture
  • Cell imaging
  • Design office
Darwin Microfluidics

Interned-based microfluidic retailer

  • Distribution of microfluidic products
  • Microfluidic kit development

Promoting aging research

Information about aging research

Eden microfluidics

New organ-on-chip polymer

  • Biocompatible
  • Soft & clear
  • No autofluorescence & Easy bonding
  • Sustains 2 bar & 2 min process

Microfluidic technologies to improve biodetection

  • research apparatuses
  • biodetection for Defense and Security
  • medical diagnostic


WILCO Acceleration program

We are 2018 laureate of one of the most important french scientific entrepreneur network.
Wilco is partner in 4Dcell success with a loan to achieve the first operational prototype of the new generation of multiwell plates for 3D cell culture.