The Time Lapse Microscope

4CellView Time lapse microscope
  • Plug and Play Microscope

    No focal adjustments needed, it is ready to use

  • Space-saving observation tool

    Can be placed in the incubator or hood

  • Cell counting device

    The prodived sowftware enables counting and other analysis

4CellView is a non focused observation microscope which allows timelapse observation. Compatible with all standard cell culture systems, this tool can record moving images and be used for several kinds of cell assays: cell division, migration, counting, viability, etc.


Its small dimensions make it fit within any incubator or hood : 132 cm² foot print.

Use any standard lab T-flasks or dishes: the microscope is compatible with every cell container.


How does it work ?

The 4CellView carries a lensless technology freeing it from focus, britghtness or other settings adjustments. The algorithms take care of all parameters !

Record your cells for a long time period variyng the delay between aquisition.



The 4CellView is provided with a analysis software. The data collected from the acquisition surface of 29.4mm² enables to focus on a huge amount of cells at a time.

  • Real-time Imaging of cell culture: go through the time lapse !
  • Confluence analysis
  • Automatic cell counting
  • Growth Curve for both adherent and non-adherent cells

The 4CellView can provide a wide range of application :

  • Live cell imaging: Place the 4CellView inside the incubator and observe your cells.
  • Cell migration: Chemotaxis and wound healing assays on large areas with high confluence.
  • Cell proliferation: automatic cell count, confluence analysis.