Activates the PDMS and glass surface

The plasma treatment is the best solution to get long-term surface activation. The chemical reactions involved create a covalent bonding between PDMS-PDMS or PDMS-glass surface. Moreover, it can be used to remove contaminants of a surface thanks to its high oxidative power.


> Highly activates the surface

Creates covalent bonding between Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and the glass surface


> Enhances wettability

Makes the surface more hydrophilic.


> Cleans the surface

Remove organic contaminants by chemical reaction avoiding the use of solvents

The Plasma Cleaner is provided with a vaccum pump and a gas flow mixer that monitors vaccum pressure.

It is included in the Microchannels Fabrication Kit to ensure a strong bonding between the microchannel PDMS chip and the glass bottom petri dish. Once this step is done, the great hydrophilicity enables an easy loading of extra cellular adhesion proteins and cell solutions into the microchannels.