Perfusion System

Maintain your cells in optimal growing conditions !

  • High stability and accuracy

    Perfectly stable and accurate flow during your experiments

  • Controlled shear stress

    Keep shear stress under control and study it

  • All required equipment provided

    Specific software and equipments in the kit

The Perfusion System is compatible with classic 35 mm petri dishes!

Simply place the lid on your dish and your cells are under perfusion.


  • Stable & pulseless flow rate: no more coverslip expansion and cell stress.
  • Fast switches between medium and drugs: imaging cell’s response to various media or drugs.
  • Large range of feeding rates: from 10 nL/min to 5 mL/min.
  • Control both pressure & flow rate: ideal for shear stress assays.

Perfusion System Content

  • Perfusion lid compatible with strandard 35 mm petri dishes
  • Pressure and flow controller
  • Flow sensor
  • Tubing and connectors
  • Software


The Perfusion System is provided with a software which enables precise and easy control over the perfusion settings.

  • Easy to use & powerful: enables to control your experiment in one click and to monitor reservoir levels, flow levels and injected volumes. Synchronize the system instruments in your system with a few simple clicks in order to fully automate your setup.
  • Manage fluidic profiles: create, monitor and modify in real-time flow rate profiles such as sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, or sawtooth…

The perfusion systems enables two main applications:

  • Long term cell culture
  • Drug and medium fast switching
  • Pharmacodynamics: kinetics study of molecule absorption
  • Cell shear stress study
  • Cell co-culture
  • 3D cell culture perfusion