Our expertise to improve your experiments

We believe that the future of cell biology will rely on 2D and 3D cell culture technologies coming from the confluence of biophysicssurface chemistry and innovative biological knowledge. Our ambition is to promote a simple access to microfluidics and advanced biophysics technologies in order to make cell biologist explore better! That is why 4DCell team supports your experimental set up by providing our know-how and expertise.

Our pluridisciplinary team is composed of engineers, physicits and chemists to help you easily expand your experimental set up to other methods.

  • Mechanical Design & Simulations
  • Microfabrication
  • Microfluidics
  • Surface Chemistry

Example 1: Customized microscope insert

microscope insert customized

Figure 1: Customized microscope insert for a PDMS chip dedicated to cell culture.

Example 2: Simulation

Figure 2: Three slices of the 3D velocity field of the fluid inside the container (red: high velocity, blue: low velocity).

The function of the 20 mL container is to keep the circulating fluid at 80°C (inward speed and outward speed: 50 mL/min).The numerical modeling is needed to study temperature and velocity field into the prototype. The successive modeling will enable the optimization of the prototype.