Tune stiffness and chemistry of your cells’ substrate

The gels are entirely animal-free, delivering a consistent uniformity and reproducibility. They offer a nanoscale fibre size, and replicate an in vivo environment for cells and allow, for example, the development of patient-specific, cell-based bench top systems. Large range of applications: from fundamental 3D cell culture and stem cell research to development of toxicology platforms, and more realistic in vitro cancer models.



> Easy handling

Rehydrate gel with water, and add cell media to lock it.


> Tunable hydrogels

Tune stiffness and chemistry to replicate the exact environment your cells need to grow.


> Adapted to 2D, 3D, and Bioprinting protocols

Easily adapted to your own experimental set-up.

Supplied as a lyophilized peptide powder in quantities of 100 mg, 250 mg and 500 mg. You just have to rehydrate the powder with water to achieve the pre-gel solution.

Gel stiffness can be tuned based on the water volume added to the powder.

Finally add the cell media of your choice to form the hydrogel: salts present in cell media encourage fibres to lock.



Rehydrate with water to achieve pre-gel solution
Add to a cell culture well plate, along with the cell media of your choice
Cell media encourages fibres to lock, giving desired gel stiffness controlled by you
Cells can be cultured inside the gel (3D culture) or on top after addition of cell culture media (2D culture)

Stem cell differenciation


3D invasive assay


Mechanosensing, and Durotaxis assay

3D cell culture in a hydrogel (sphere format)

3D cell culture in a hydrogel (sphere format)

By adding the pre-gel solution directly in the cell media, the cells are cultured in 3D spheres