Patterned slides for immunofluorescence observation

micropatterned slides
  • Ready to use

    Plate the cells on the slides and observe them

  • Adaptable to your imaging system

    Place your slide on the imaging system suitable for your study

  • Very stable coating

    Can be stored for months thanks to the covalent bond with the glass bottom

The micropatterned slides are 24 mm glass slides printed with micropatterns.

They are ready to use, you just need to plate your cells on the glass substrate and observe them on the specific micropattern.

The 4Dcell micropatterned slides are provided into classic petri dishes in sterile individual plastic bags. They are sold by 20 or 50 dishes and you can choose the shape of the micropattern and the anti-adhesive coating for each of them.

The standard shapes offered by 4Dcell are the disks, lines, squares, rectangles, triangles and grids.
You can also ask for a customized shape that we can design for you.


4Dcell offers 3 options of covalent coatings:

  • Standard anti-adhesive polymer with the same anti-fouling effect than traditional PLL-g- PEG, but with a more stable bonding to the glass slide (covalent).
  • Oxidation resistance anti-adhesive polymer which is less sensitive to oxidation and has the same type of covalent bonding to the glass slide.
  • Long term cell culture anti-adhesive polymer which is the best in terms of anti-fouling treatment and bonding to the glass slide. Observable by phase contrast microscopy. This is the best option for long term cell culture on micropatterns (more than a week of cell culture).

Standard positionning of micropattern areas

The Micropatterned Dish provides a wide range of applications. Study and measure:


  • Migration of cancer cells (line patterns)
  • Cell shape standardization



  • Migration of somatic and cancer cells
  • Cell shape standardization
  • Cardiomyocyte beating properties
  • Neural network



  • Cell nucleus integrity
  • Nuclear plasticity
  • Neural network



  • Cell shape standardization
  • Standardized connectivity between neurons



  • Spatial autoorganization of macromolecules
    (at the microscale)

Video of cells developing on the long term cell culture polymer micropatterns.
Dr Martial Balland, Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique, Université Joseph Fourier.

micropatterns cardiomyocytes

hPSC-CM on line micropatterns of 10 to 70 µm width imaged by fluorescence microscopy.
Dussaud S., Jouve C., Hulot J.S., 2018.

HeLa cells micropatterns

Image of micropatterned HeLa cells in lines of 100 to 10 µm width, 4Dcell lab (2018).

line micropatterns

Image of micropatterned cells in lines (labelled by fluorescence) obtained with a 4Dcell photomask.
Hôpital Saint Louis, experiment run with Dr. Benoit Vianay.