Other readouts applications

Formation of the bile caniculi

Liver canaliculi assays

Improved hepatocytes differentiation model

3D Liver canaliculi assays

Spheroid formation in 3D gels

Spheroid formation

3D Liver canaliculi assays

Spheroid formation in 3D gels

Attached spheroïds assay

Improved manipulation and observation of spheroïds

Blood vessel network formation

Endothelial tubulogenesis assay

Improved endothelial cell tubules formation


Chemotaxis assays

Analysis of cell behaviors and cell migration in confined spaces

Live cell imaging

Live Cell Imaging

Observing cells by time-lapse microscopy

Viral infection

Viral infection model

Improved cell shape control & viral /cell interaction

Synapse formation

Neuromuscular junction assay

Isolation of different cell types to reconstitute the in vivo organization

Analysis of calcium transients

Single cardiomyocyte contractility force assay

Quantification of beating force of single cardiomyocyte cells


Frustrated phagocytosis

Characterization of the mechanism