Precise and convenient device to print micropatterns

  • Better adherence

    Improves the contact between the glass slides and the photomask

  • Easy positioning of the glass slides

    No need to use water or vacuum to stick the slides to the photomask

  • Homogeneous printing

    Design that allows a homogeneous pressure on the slides

The 4Dcell Masker is a convenient and highly precise device for the printing of micropatterns on glass slides. It can be used with the 4Dcell photomask and 24 mm glass slides. The Masker is provided as an accessory for the micropatterning kit to improve the printing process. It allows a better adherence of the slides on the photomask and so, a more precise printing of the micropatterns (no diffraction). With this accessory, you do not need to use the droplet of water or a vacuum source to stick the slides to the optical mask.

How to use the Masker :

  • Once your photomask is cleaned and activated, place it on the Masker. Then turn it upside down so that you have the chromium side facing you.
  • Gently place your slides at their right stop, with coated side on the chromium side.
  • Close the Masker. Holding it tight, turn it upside down once again and lock it with the screw.
  • Place it in the UV Printer for 10 minutes to allow the printing of the micropatterns.
  • Then, gently open the masker and remove the slides. If they are attached strongly to the mask, add water on the mask to help them detached.