Control the 2D shape of your cells



Cells are cultured in a substrate patterned with adherent micrometer-sized domains of predefined geometric features. When cultured on this, cell adhere specifically to the patterned area, acquiring for example, the geometry of the pattern.


Different covalently bounded surface chemistry (pattern life time, cell nature):

Standard anti-adhesive polymer 

Oxidation resistance anti-adhesive polymer 

Long term cell culture anti-adhesive polymer 

Different pattern shapes and dimensions (lines, squares, triangles, grids, etc.)

Adaptable to any cell culture substrate (from Petri dishes to 384 well plates) 

Compatible with high-resolution optical microscopy systems

Micropatterning principle



Cell shape control and standardization, characterization of organnel positionning, cell maturation and differentiation, restriction of the migration area, etc.

Micropatterned cells illustration

HeLa cells in lines of 100 to 10 µm width