SmartHeart – Cardiac organoids

Achieve a breakthrough number of readouts in a single assay


The SmartHeart was developed in collaboration with the team of Pr. Jean Sébastien HULOT, Heart Failure Translational Research Lab, INSERM U970 | 

Paris Cardiovascular Research Center – PARCC (Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou)

Circular 3D morphology moves towards a better model for heart physiology


Readouts: contractility force, beating rate, beating amplitude, ionic exchange, cell morphology, cell organization, etc.

Standard system description: 500 µm ring shaped multicellular cardiac organoid.  

Fast maturation stage: after 1 day of culture the cardiac organoid starts to beat spontaneously.

High stability: the organoid is stable for more than 1 month.

Format: the product is available in 24 and 96 well plate formats 

Applications: toxicology, drug discovery, disease modeling, etc.