Study your cell’s behavior in a 3D microenvironment

iBMD cells migrating within microchannels (accelerated imaging).
Ref. video by 4Dcell partner Dr Pablo Vargas, Curie Institute/UMR144



This device contains a set of molded microchannels, with variable dimensions, where cells can migrate within.


Enables chemotaxis (gradients generated along the microfluidic channels)

Channel with a variable width along their length (mimicking natural constrictions)

Channel design for cell-cell interaction

Adaptable to any cell culture substrate (from Petri dishes to 96 well plates) 

Compatible with high-resolution optical microscopy systems

Material : PDMS or Flexdym

Microchannels principle



Cell migration, chemotaxis, cell-cell interaction, nuclear mechanics, extravasation ability, etc

Microchannels illustration

(Human CD8 T lymphocyte u a constriction microchannel) Image by Pablo Vargas (Institut Curie, UMR144)
and Fernando Sepulveda (Institut Imagine, UMR1163)