Cell confiner

Control cells between two parallel surfaces



Cells are homogeneoulsy confined/compressed between two parallel surfaces with sub-micrometer resolution.


Different confinement heights (eg. 1 µm – 300 µm)

Allows long-term cell culture and cell proliferation to proceed while preserving perfect control of confinement

Compatible with high-resolution optical microscopy systems

Can process a sufficiently large number of cells to allow whole gene expression analyses to be performed

Can be combined with bio-functionalized micro-structured substrates and/or with different matrixes (geometry control)

Can be combined with gels (stiffness control)

Compatible with any cell culture substrate (Petri dishes to 96-well plates)

Cell confinement principle



Cell migration 2.5D, migration and interaction of non-adhesive cells, cell squeezing, imaging of flat cells (organels aligned in 2D), super-resolution video-microscopy (organels move less), contractility assay, etc

Confinement illustration

HeLa cells: not confined, 5 µm, 3 µm.