Control the 3D structure and mechanics of your cells


Cells are cultured in a 3D environment (different stiffnesses, either flat or microstructured, to mimic in vivo conditions.


> Stiffness of the substrate can be chosen from very soft (1 kPa) to very hard (50 kPa)

> Wide range of substrates topography available (flat, round wells, square wells, grooves, etc.)

> The gel based substrates are ready to be used in your cell culture experiments 

> Easy and straightforward to use, since cells are seeded directly on top of the features (convenient to confine non migrating cells)

> Pre-coated with ECM matrix (e.g. fibronectin) 

> Adaptable to any cell culture substrate (coverslips, Petri dishes, multiwell plates)

> The optically transparency of the gels makes these substrates compatible with high-resolution optical microscopy systems

> Contact us if you want a customized design


Cell differentiation, Cell mechanics, Cell contractility, Cell migration, Tissue geometry mimicry, 3D cell shape control, etc.

HeLa cells on 4Dcell’s microstructured gel


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