Control the 3D structure and mechanics of your cells





Cells are cultured in a soft 3D environment, either flat or microstructured, to mimic in vivo conditions.

Stiffness of the substrate can be chosen from very soft (1 kPa) to very hard (200 kPa)

Wide range of substrates topography available (flat, round wells, square wells, grooves, etc.)

The gel based substrates are ready to be used in your cell culture experiments 

Easy and straightforward to use, since cells are seeded directly on the top of the features (convenient to confine non migrating cells)

Pre-coated with ECM matrix (e.g. fibronectin) 

Adaptable to any cell culture substrate (coverslips, Petri dishes, multiwell plates)

The optically transparency of the gels makes these substrates compatible with high-resolution optical microscopy systems



Cell differentiation, Cell mechanics, Cell contractility, Cell migration, Tissue geometry mimicry, 3D cell shape control, etc.

HeLa cells on 4Dcell’s microstructured gel


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