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CELL BIOLOGY 1: Development of functional cellular assays for measuring proteostasis, autophagy, mitochondrial activity, senescence and chromatin organization in an in vitro context and by using advanced cell culture methodsCELL BIOLOGY 2: Development of new 3D cell culture functional assays for cancer or immune systemsCELL BIOLOGY 3: Development of advanced assays for spheroids generation and analysisCELL BIOLOGY 4: Development of cardiomyocytes maturation assay (secondment in a cardiology lab in Paris)MOLECULAR BIOLOGY/CELL BIOLOGY: Development of novel microarray assays for aging metrology applicationsMICROFLUIDIC/MICROMECHANICS/PHYSICS: Development of next generation microfluidic multiwell plates (screening with “organs in a well”)MECHANICAL DESIGN 1: Development of reversible cell confinement chambers for continuous cell analysis (for diagnostic and bioreactor purposes)MECHANICAL DESIGN 2: Development of disposable micro-chambers for real time measurement of living cell volume by fluorescence exclusionMECHANICAL DESIGN/PHYSICS: Development of novel composite metamaterials for advanced 3D cell confinement technologies (drug screening)CHEMISTRY: Development of gel assays for mobility and contractility of cellsBIOINFOMATICS/IMAGE ANALYSIS/PHYSICS: Development of image analysis software for standardization of analysis of 3D cell culture applied to cancer and immune disease diagnostic and screening