Convenient coating device

The dipper is a plastic rack with a container that can hold several slides at the same time. It can be used for the incubation of slides in solution, for example for the anti-adhesive coating of the micropatterning experiment.


> Homogeneous coating

Very precise device that allows a homogeneous coating on all the slides


> Standardize your slide treatment

No variation for the coating step by always using the same conditions


> Versatile device

Can be used for coating, cleaning and drying

The Dipper is 4.2 cm x 1.7 cm x 3 cm. It is composed of a rack that allows a high precision positioning of the glass slides and a container into which the rack should be dipped. The dipper has two main assets:


Saving coating solution: the dimensions enable to load a maximun volume of 1.8 mL that can be reused after the dipping.

Standardisation: the spacing between the slides is such that the coating solution goes upward by capillary forces ensuring a uniform and homogeneous coating on all slides


The Dipper can hold 4 or 50 slides. You can ask for customized dimensions to have a different holding capacity.


1. Place your slides to their right spots.


2. Add 2 mL of reagent in the tray and place the other part of the device into the tray, soaking completely the slides. Incubate 30min.
The distance between each spot allows the product to stay in between the slides during incubation thanks to capillary forces.


3. Wash your slides with distilled water, using the bottom part of the dipper as a bin. Dry it with an air gun.


4. Using tweezers, take off the slides and continue the experiment normally.