Choose the shape you want for micropatterning experiment

  • Highly precise design

    Micropatterns of 10 to 100 µm with about 1 µm resolution

  • Easy positionning of the glass slides

    Alignment marks to help placing the slides

  • Diversity of analysis

    8 areas, with approximately 42 sub-areas fully observable with a 10x objective field

The 4Dcell photomask is a quartz mask with a chromium designed coating for the aim of the micropatterning experiment. It is used for the printing of the micropatterns on glass slides, with deep UV.

The micropatterning photomask is sold in the micropatterning kit and by itself to make your own micropatterns. It is a 6 cm x 6 cm square that can be used with the Masker for the printing step of the micropatterns.

The standard shapes offered by 4Dcell are the disks, lines, squares, rectangles, triangles and grids.
You can also ask for a customized shape that we can design for you. The formats accepted for the design of a customized photomask are the following: DXF, GDSII, EPS or PDF.

micropattern shapes

Standard positionning of micropattern areas on the photomask

The micropatterns provide a wide range of applications. Study and measure:


  • Migration of cancer cells (line patterns)
  • Cell shape standardization



  • Migration of somatic and cancer cells
  • Cell shape standardization
  • Cardiomyocyte beating properties
  • Neural network



  • Cell nucleus integrity
  • Nuclear plasticity
  • Neural network



  • Cell shape standardization
  • Standardized connectivity between neurons



  • Spatial autoorganization of macromolecules
    (at the microscale)
line micropatterns

Image of micropatterned cells in lines (labelled by fluorescence) obtained with a 4Dcell photomask
Hôpital Saint Louis, experiment run with Dr. Benoit Vianay