Cell migration applications

Immune cells interaction

2D interaction of non-adherent (immune) cells

Quantitative cell migration assay

Fast and fine analysis of cell migration properties

Macrophage polarization

Modulation of macrophage phenotype with substrate stiffness

Durotaxis and haptotaxis assay

Control of substrate stiffness

Cell migration in cancer assay

Analysis of cell behaviors during metastasis

Chemotaxis assays

Analysis of cell behaviors and cell migration in confined spaces

Immune system in a well

2D migration and interaction of non-adherent immune cells

Macrophage polarization assay

Modulation of macrophage phenotype by cell shape

Traction force assay

Quantification of forces applied by cells on the matrix

Cancer invasiveness assays

Quantification of migration behaviors and migration transitions

Cell migration assay

Analysis of mechanisms occurring during migration